Saturday, 2 April 2011

i can't think of a title as well.

This was one of my before 7am ideas, so it might turn out to be a Bit Not Good. I am also not wearing my glasses; I have noticed and now I have noticed I am deciding to be stubborn and carry on anyway. Squinting.

I had to verify myself. Or my phone. Something happened, anyway. I wasn't sure why but I rather wanted this blog so I did it anyway. I think google owns my soul now.

Is this the part where I introduce myself? I'm trying to work out if I should go for the totally anonymous option and be very mysterious and not give away any revealing clues about myself, or give away little things because lets face it, it's tiring being that mysterious, or if I should just let everyone know who I am and give everyone who has ever shared the same breathing space as me the url to this blog. Which translates to- shall I share this blog on facebook?

I feel I am going for option number two. Half anonymous. It's a bit fun. And also, less embarrassing when people realise just how boring I am. In the words of John Watson, "nothing ever happens to me." And I mean, John Watson as written by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. I promise, I do have the complete Sherlock Holmes works by ACD but I haven't had the time to start reading yet.

I have an actual journal. You know, on paper, written with a pen. Shocking! And yes, people actually still use pens and paper. But it's quite like a journal a five year old might write. "Yesterday I felt happy because the sun was out and I had lasagne for tea and it was nice and then I watched tv and then I went to bed." My LiveJournal is... odd. It's a mixture of self pitying rants and really strange things that wouldn't make sense to Normal People. So this blog is going to be the grown up one. The parent of my two other dysfunctional blogs.

I live in England. Essex, to be precise. Don't hold that against me, I can't help where I was born. And I have watched a grand total of ten minutes of ITV2s absolutely fantastic "The only way is Essex". Your sarcasm meter should have just exploded. It is not fantastic. Or accurate. Or even any good. So I won't waste any more time talking about it.

If it helps you to picture me sitting here, tapping away and squinting at the screen, then I am a female and I am in my twenties. I am also still in my pyjamas, but as it is now still before 8am on a Saturday, I feel you can let me off. Although in future I shall wear more blog appropriate clothes for you.

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